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In search of an English summer

9pm, 2nd July 2007 - Rant, News, Humour, Travel

A year ago I wrote about the English summer. At that time I was skeptical about my workmate's assertion that this was uncommonly good weather for an English summer. Surely the odd day here and there that made it all the way to 30° couldn't be considered good. But this year has put me straight. Nary a day above 25° and it's been raining pretty much solidly for the last three weeks. On Tuesday, it hailed ! Jane had a snowball fight at her work by scooping up the hail, smooshing it all together and throwing it at her boss !

I take it all back ! Last summer was great ! I didn't mean to offend your summery goodness... now can I please have a little sunshine again before I turn completely white ?

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